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    Web API Services - XML Request - WSDL link

    I am attempting to use the following SOAP service within Blue Prism: https://ec.europa.eu/taxation_customs/vies/#/technical-information It doesn't require any authorization, however I cant seem to get it setup correctly in Blue Prism Web API Services. I have the following setup: Common...
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    Package XML A2019

    Hello everyone, how are you? I have the following XML: I'm trying to use the A2019 XML package action group the following action: get multiple nodes. Following some examples that I looked at on the internet I should put xPath this way: / nfeProc / NFe / infNFe / ide or / infNFe / ide So it...
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    change a value of an element in XML with Blue Prism

    Hi Community Can anybody help me? I'm trying to replace element values of a xml String. My text looks like this one: <S:Envelope xmlns:S="http://www.oap-envelope"><S:Envelope xmlns:S="http://www./soap-envelope"> <S:Header> <To xmlns="http://www----------sing"></To> <Action...
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    Read XML Element

    Ho together After searching the forum, I've not found something similar. Maybe someone can help me. I am trying to import data from an xml-file. With the "Utility XML" I can get a collection from the key elements by filtering with ""ns3:Key". The same for the value elements by filtering with...
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    Get XML sent to WebService

    Hi Everyone, does any of you know, how to get xml request, which is sent by BluePrism to connected external WebService? Unfortunately we are receving an error wich is probably coused related to wrong/missing paramters in XML file. I appreciate any bit of advice, Many thank in advance, Best. w
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    How to make XML Path dynamic?

    Hi, I'm just wondering if we can use dynamic path in the Start XML Session command. I would like to have different configuration files (xml format) called by the same bot. And the bot will be scheduled at two different times. So I was thinking to use wild card (*) in the XML path to make it...
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    Metabot for converting json to xml

    Hi, I am trying out Rest API call using automation anywhere. I get a response in the json format. Lets say I get something like this => {"error":false,"message":"68fd08f0-d5f4-11e8-b01b-db6ba7af2de6"} Now i am trying to get the value of message from it. Since there is no default JSON...
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    Solved Blueprism - XML VBO

    Hello, We are using Blue Prism V5. I dont see the XML VBO in the VBO folders. We need to parse an XML file and retrieve all attributes and values. Can someone please help with this? Probably we might need to code in VB. Not sure. Please advise. Thanks SL