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Greetings everyone. I am the Lead Data Integration Administrator at Crete Carrier Corporation, one of the largest privately owned Truckload Carrier and Logistics Providers in the U.S. For the last 4+ years I have led our initiative working to bring the benefits of RPA using Kofax Kapow to virtually every department and business process.
In addition to my expertise in RPA and BPA, I am a Six Sigma Blackbelt, Excel MVP, and I have extensive experience in SQL, API's, Tableau and EDI. While we have deployed hundreds of robots in over a dozen categories, what is more impressive is the amount of work these robots accomplish, the cost savings gained and the freedom from mundane tasks they have provided to our most valuable resource, our people who build relationships with our customers and partners. I look forward to learning even more how to leverage RPA in this forum.
If you have any questions about Kofax Kapow, please to post in the Kofax Kapow Community Support sub-forum and I'll be happy to help.
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Hi @jking

Welcome to the forum! If you already have colleagues / friends that use Kofax Kapow, please do direct them here for any questions they have :)

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Hi @jking, I have a few questions about Kofax Kapow and was wondering if you can be kind enough to assist me. However, this thread is over three years old, I wonder if you are able to reply still?
I have this online chat application where as a semi-admin I can display data about the user's activity on a chat group. The only activity they do is look up pictures and then this data is then compiled to a csv on a weekly basis.
In detail of the csv file, contains a list of user accounts (searchID), date, accountname etc in the chat application who access the picture. This part is fine.
The global variable I created contains added attributes called "searchID" and "URL" (default value of short text). "searchID" is the user account beginning with the character "@". The URL is given to me once I access the database with the user account embedded in the URL.

The robot I created loads the csv file, takes the user account data from each row, assigns it to a URL, it then goes into DA to access the chat application portal.
The URL is accessed in a Loop and then from each portal URL, I then can click download to gather another type of csv file of each user account.
The csv file is supposed to write file into a folder I created locally and when a write file occurs, it is supposed to give a new file name on each download that occurs.
I guess what I am saying is that I am stuck from the point at the end of DA where a download click is supposed to happen and write to file with a different file name each download. I have attached three pictures where it is possible to see where I have gone wrong.
I've been doing this task on my own leisure for a month and it is not working. Either that or I have no idea what I am doing :p
Please help!... anyone!


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