Antti, an founder (we provide predictive queries for RPA)


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Hi everyone,

I'm Antti from :)

We got pulled into RPA by our partners & customers, because they felt that the existing ML solutions didn't serve the intelligence automation / AI + RPA needs. In essence they stated that 'before Aito all AI alternatives have been either too expensive or too narrow' (an exact quote). We thought 'that sounds interesting' and pivoted into the intelligent automation space with full commitment ;-)

This TDS article from our (ultimate) product guy describes very well the core problem our customers recognized in the AI+RPA space and why the industry needed a simple query-based solution that any RPA developer can use and quickly integrate:

I have myself a data scientist / software engineer background. I'm here mainly to learn from you about IPA / RPA and engage in thoughtful discussion.

As a first question for you all: have you done IA in the RPA projects or are you planning to? I'd love to hear your experiences & perspective.

Antti & Aito