Application Modeller with IE - Path with Wildcards freezing my BluePrism for minutes

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Hello there!

I'm using a virtual machine with Windows 10 Enterprise, my BluePrism version is 6.3 .

There are some elements what I want to detect with Title, Tag Name and Path attributes. For example: A Page link item in a Page Control. Because the Page numbers are randomly generated, the Next button position can be the 12. or the 5. <LI> in the <UL> list, so I'm using the LI(*) wildcard in the Path. Btw, my Path attribute looks like this:


My Business Object connects to an already opened Internet Explorer browser, so in my Attach action I tried out Child element 1 and 0, because Blue Prism says there are multiple instances running on the same Windows title and process name. Child element 0 is Internet Explorer tab, Child element 1 is iexplorer.exe itself. Fact is, I can only use 0, because that's where my elements are.

Problem is tho, when I'm using Path with wildcards... it takes 1 or 2 minutes for BluePrism to recognize the element. If I'm using exact path, it's working like intended...

I need some help fellas, I'm totally stuck with my project, and I tried everything, really. :( I can't go with the static path, because the elements positions can change, and the Title is not enough with the Tag name and the Enabled attributes alone. I can't change the code of the website, so I can't give ID-s and stuff. What am I missing?
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I had a similar issue. Resolved it with wait stage with multiple criteria. In your case I would do a wait stage with:
1st condition: /HTML/BODY(1)/DIV(1)/DIV(3)/DIV(1)/UL(1)/LI(1)/A(1)
2nd condition: /HTML/BODY(1)/DIV(1)/DIV(3)/DIV(1)/UL(1)/LI(2)/A(1)
3rd condition: /HTML/BODY(1)/DIV(1)/DIV(3)/DIV(1)/UL(1)/LI(3)/A(1)
... etc.
Then in each route apply calculation to save the correct path and combine all routes with single anchor or action.

Let me know if You found a solution using Wildcard - I'm still curious why does in freeze Blue Prism (v.6.4 here).
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