Solved Blue Prism Training


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Hi ksn1974

I have to be honest, training online although has its benefits has its flaws too. I've provided training on quite a lot of Blue Prism courses across the globe over the last 8 months and the primary feedback I receive is that the classroom training is a much better environment - primarily due to students having the ability to ask the trainer direct questions, being able to collaborate in class with other students (effectively developing each other) and the main factor for me personally is the trainer being able to share with his/her audience actual development experiences with the class.

The experience from my 5 years of development is something I proactively share with my classes and this helps my students to understand when, how and where to use the knowledge from this experience in order to tackle their developments / solutions.

This level of insight into an existing Blue Prism developer's world is invaluable. I would strongly advise to take part in an actual class rather than seek online training.

If you're interested, I would recommend to send Robiquity (Blue Prism's 1st Authorized Training Partner) an email ( with your training related query.