Blueprism- how to add identity and add-duplicate rows in Blueprism queue


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Blueprism- My excel input file has SOMETIME duplicate rows. For these duplicate rows, ONE order number needs to be created and then delivered. If it is just one row in excel then process is straightforward, create an order and deliver. My question is, how do I add some of these duplicate items as a group to the Blueprism queue? If I add them individually, an order will be created and delivered for the first item and get next item wont under what to do with the next duplicate item.
Here is what i was thinking unless you can suggest an easier way.

1. create a queue- ABC and add all of the items individually for the create order process. This process will check and make sure only 1 order gets created. Then create another queue DEF And add the ABC queue data this queue now, and do the deliver process.
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What you can do is ... Throw all the items into a collection and with the VBO collection manipulation perform the action remove duplicates before adding the rows to the rows, thereby ensuring that a single row of each product is populated in the queue and the order is created


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It sounds like you have an Excel file containing Quotes, some of which contain multiple items, and you are using that input data to create Orders. I hope I am understanding correctly.

Try loading from Excel into a collection instead of using a work queue. When loading the individual rows from Excel into the collection, can you create a key field that associates the rows that make up the Quote? Maybe you have a Quote Number... and can create a key called Quote Item that contains the Quote Number and a sequential number for each row in the Quote. Then, in your process, filter the collection by the key field you created to find all of the rows (Quote Items) related to the Quote. Fill out the Order form from there. After entering the Order, you could add it to a work queue (optional) for reporting later on.