BluePrism v6.2.1 Spying issue- Highlight shows exact place in second tab


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I am working on a project which is on salesforce. Recently SalesForce stopped support for IE11. I am using BluePrism 6.2.1 version. I already developed BOT which is not working as expected and therefore I need to switch to other browser. If I highlight already spied element then it is not showing but if I click on new tab in IE11 (already opened Salesforce in one tab) then spied element is showing in second tab but placement is exactly same as original tab. I tried with Chrome but it is not extracting data from a table.(I need to extract entire table). I tried with AA and UIA mode in chrome but nothing is working. I tried below steps:

1) Checked with UIA/AA mode to extract table. Table is highlighted in UIA mode but not getting an option to read table as a collection.
2) Table is highlighted in AA mode but Get Table is not working to read table data. It shows error
3) Browser mode option is not coming while spying elements
4) I have installed latest chrome browser extension but nothing is working with that too.

Kindly help me to solve this problem.



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Please find attached snap of how highlighting is working. It was not the case earlier but it is happening now. If I don't open second tab then BluePrism application will crash so to enable highlighting, need to open and click on second tab.


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Try updating the Match Index value to 2 and see if that works for you. If not, you have probably un-ticked attributes that are needed to identify the correct screen element even with the other tab open. I would therefore recommend re-spying the element and reevaluating the attributes that you select. Try un-ticking one attribute at a time and testing (highlighting) until the problem occurs. Then, re-tick the attribute that you had un-ticked, and you will have the minimum number of attributes needed to reliably select the correct element.

Hope this helps.


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The only thing I can think of is to re-spy. If you're moving the object from working under IE11 to Chrome, you may have to respy everything in Chrome.
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