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Hi All, I am learning Blueprism and currently cam across one exercise where I am opening first deal from "Today's deal section" on Amazon India website and trying to get prices and/or reviews of all products when clicked on first deal. To be simple I am doing below steps -

1. Open Amazon India Website
2. Click on first deal from Today's deal section
3. When clicked in step 2 it will go to next page showing all products to that first deal. Here I am trying to get prices and/or reviews of all these products.

Challenge :
On page 2 where it shows all products particular to first deal , sometimes products are shown vertically and sometimes horizontally. I did spying based on vertical position but on next day products were shows horizontally. Also when products are shown horizontally then there prices position is not same based on its PATH in TABLE.

Can someone please help me to know how can I handle this in my coding?
Also as this website format can change basically is it good idea to automate such a process or not?

Thanks in advance.