bp interact - using table or excel sheet for multiple inputs?

i am updating a process for multiple inputs. the process runs simulations based out of 5 inputs that is given. it takes 15-20 minutes per simulation, afterwards an excel sheet is sent to an end user with the simulation information. the chance of an error is fairly high during the simulation

the business asked to make a new form so that they can send in multiple rows of data, say 10 rows.

i am wondering if i should use excel sheet as input or table in interact. interact table as i understand cannot lock values like i can with a dropdown in excel, if i understand it correctly. this is why i think excel sheet would be better. what is your opinion?

also, the business gets feedback through outlook when it is completed or if exception occurred. that is also why i think excel sheet would be better. an interact table can be updated with the exception information and be shared to the submitter in interact, put i dont have any use of that feature in this process.