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Hi all,

I am trying to figure out if something of the following is possible within Blueprism:

I have a set of data which I have stored into my collection that I am trying to manipulate and store into a 'master' collection. What I am trying to do is the following:


From the collection listed above, I am trying to split the items in Column C (Fruits) so that it would create the following:


As you can see, I am trying to split it where I can keep the overall row data but just manipulate it where I can 1) Have only 1 item listed for Fruits while creating new rows so that the other items are listed separately within the collection.

Note: This is just a simplified collection as there are a lot more data in the true one which I am handling.

Any suggestions or tips would be greatly appreciated!


Hi RReed,

You're talking about Collections, but showing your example data in Excel. Would you actually be working with Excel spreadsheets or this was just to illustrate the layout? The easy answer is yes, what you want to do is possible. The details of how sort of depend on whether Excel is actually at play here vs just plain Collections.

I've attached an example process that shows one way of doing this with just Collections.



  • BPA Process - Collection Demo - Extract Column Values to
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Hi eric,

It's a bit of both actually. I do have an Excel file given to me to work as an input file but was advised I should try and manipulate my data within Blueprism instead of within the excel. As such, the screenshots provided were more to to just illustrate how the layout would be. I'll try implementing the example you showed!

Thank you!