Compare 2 collections down to the individual fields


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I have 2 collections. A master and an input.
I need to compare the input against the master to see if any changes have occurred and highlight the specific cell in excel to indicate where the change is.
The master has 77 columns and 770 rows.
The input has the same number of columns and rows however the data in the cells may be slightly different.

All recommended solutions only check the full row and give a true false decision.
I need to check every cell in the row and do a true false decision on the result.
Then I need to be able to identify the cell range that is referring to so i can highlight the incorrect cell in the input.


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Google "Excel Spreadsheet Compare". Spreadsheet Compare is a separate Office application that might be helpful. I have not used it myself, but you should be able to automate it and read the results table that shows the differences into a collection. Then, using that collection, you should be able to open one of the worksheets to highlight the differences that the application found for you.

Or, you may not need BP at all, given the Spreadsheet Compare application does all the work for you. So, in this proposal, you would be using BP to load the application, automate the entry of the files that you want to compare and the characteristics you want to compare on, and possibly creating a report from the results that the utility gives you.

Please do let us know how you make out, and what your eventual solution turned out to be.