Solved Digital Workers for SAP


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Importance of scaling RPA.​

There are many causes that increase tension and stress at work. One of them is the performance of many repetitive processes.

That's why we know the importance of automating these tasks to increase productivity and focus staff on other activities that generate greater value. We know that using SAP is complicated and often requires some training to handle it correctly.

We seek to solve all these problems with our digital workers for SAP.

Some of its advantages:​

-Ensuring the security of operations. This means that there can be intensive control over each transfer, to provide confidence to the user.

-Optimize customer queries. Many bots make it possible to streamline user service, to answer basic queries that do not require human intervention.

-Automate big data processes. Millions of transactions take place around the world every day. Therefore, digital workers can manage these volumes of data efficiently.

-Our bots interact with SAP through BAPIs, which means 10x faster than conventional automation methods.

-Integration with the most common technologies integrating with SAP.

-100+ pre-packaged automations, including industry best practices.

-Our bots use the SAP native BAPIs, assuring full portability on your SAP upgrades.

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