How to connect process to object


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Dear All
I am new to RAP and has recently learned it in my company they are making me do project in RPA iam an Machine learning Engineer , can anyone please tell me how to connect process to object as process contains the business logic and object has access to application , thank in advance for the help


You include objects (aka VBOs) within a process using the Action stage available in the toolbar of Process Studio.



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The Object contains code for interacting with the qpplication. Examples: Launch the application, log in with your credentials, data entry for an order, selecting items from a dropdown, etc. Each interaction is coded in a separate tab of the Object, and these tabs are called Actions. You connect the process and object by calling the object's Actions in the Process when you need the process to interact with the application. For a simple example: when your process needs to start up the application, the process will use an Action stage to call the Objects's Launch action. Hope this helps!