How to make specific phrase bold in MS VBO


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I need to make a specific phrase in MS Work bold.

My initial thoughts were to use the following actions from the MS Word VBO:
  • Find Text
  • Replace Highlighted Text, and set the 'New Bold' parameter to True (see below).
View attachment 1557919909648.png

This, however, neither replaces the phrase, or makes it bold.

I have built an action within the Word VBO that successfully replaces the phrase, but instead of making just that phrase bold, it makes the whole document bold.

See below inputs and code:

View attachment 1557920202964.png

Dim d As Object = GetDocument(handle,document_name)
Dim r As Object = d.Range

d.Content.Find.Execute(FindText:=current_text, ReplaceWith:=new_text)

Any help on this would be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance.