How to view logs of previous attempts?


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Hi, I have two processes accessing items in one Queue. One process do something with the item, than second process does something else and marks item as completed. Now I want to see the logs, to see what path was taken in the process and whether the decisions were correct. But I only see the logs of the second process and not of the first one.

I right-click the item in Queue and select View Log. I can clearly see that the log is part of second process because it is written in top left corner. So how do I access logs of the first process? I run the process from debug mode.


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I may not be understanding your issue. If you run 2 separate processes, then there should be a log for each process. Even if logging for the process is set to Errors Only, you should still get a log containing an entry saying the log was started. Is the automation set up as 2 separate processes, or does process 2 call process 1 as a subprocess? If that is the case, there would only be 1 log. If they are definitely separate processes (meaining they were run independently and have separate process ID's), then you could look into the System settings to see if there's anyting in there related to logging. (I don't have access to that, so I am not able to check.)

You also mention that you are running the processes in debug mode. Meaning you are stepping through the processes manually, correct? If that is the case, then the only log you can see is related to the process that you're stepping through. That log will contain cumulative entries for the number of times you step through it. So if you step through it 2 times, you will have 2 runs worth of log entries in a single log. The only way to clear the log in that case is to reopen the process and step through it again (1 time). This doesn't explain the lack of a log for process 1 in your original question, but it is good information to know. As I mentioned earlier, I may not be understanding your issue.


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Thank you for respond. I looked on the System page and found settings for "Audit". In Process Logs there is a list of all process that have been run and I found the logs I was looking for!

A note to myself (and others) to remember - don't search for logs in Control but System-Audit-Process Logs.