I need help with a process. Can someone please have a look? screen shot attached
Hi Nawazkhan

As far as of your process you developed, i understood that you are checking the input data first before your are adding to queue.
In that case if the input data of each row you check is valid (Using Decision Stage), then you add the success data to one new collection (Success Items) and then add that Success full data of collection to queue. and failed items you add them to a new collection (failed items).

In such of the above case now you will have only the success full data in the Queue and no need of Recovery, Resume and mark Exception stage as you don't have the unsuccessful data.

Hope it is understood and useful

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Hi @Manikanta
Hope you could also help me on my Order System process and objects. I am also trying to finish the BP consolidation exercise but still unable to capture the Order Reference Number as the output. I believe we all used the same BP Foundation Training Course 5.0.5 and it is said there that the exercise is deliberately less explanatory; with which the Text function to be used is not discussed how to use the "Replace", "Trim" or the "Instr" functions. This is causing delay as I need to seek resources as I am new to his RPA, but I am willing to learn.
If you have a gmail acct just for BP inquiries, so I can send you my current Order System package for checking please?
Thank you so much in advance. I just need help from experts like you and everyone here. I really appreciate your help.


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Hi @Manikanta
This is what I have in the calc stage in an attempt to get the order reference number, under the Object Studio - (Exercise 11.1.9 Action – Order Confirmation)

Trim(Replace([Order Reference Sentence],"Please take note of your order reference:",))

Order Ref Number
Order Ref Sentence

Store In:
Order Reference Number

Hope you could share the exact sol.