Identifying a Google Chrome Window that is launched from inside a PowerBuilder Window


  1. Hi All, I am looking to see if anyone else has encountered a similar problem and found a resolution. (I hope the explanation is clear enough as it is a tricky one to explain) We have an in house built css.exe PowerBuilder application. It’s a legacy system. The developers have added new bits of functionality each year. The latest is a button that opens up a google chrome browser window within a new window of the existing legacy application. This is shown as a pbcefclient.exe on the task manager. When trying to interact with the new window we attach to the base application 'css.exe'. We cannot identify any elements with any mapper. What we did was spy the inside window with the UIA(Purple) mapper. We then sent a global mouse click center to the window. We could then spy the rest of the screen with the AA(Blue) mapper & UIA (Purple) mapper. The purple mapper seems to crash the application a lot so we stuck to the AA mapper for mapping the rest of the elements on screen.

  2. [10:37 AM]
    Using the Win32 or AA mapper won’t bring the screen into focus for Blue Prism. Therefore, the only mapper that can bring the screen into focus is the UIA (purple) mapper As we need to use the UIA (purple) mapper to bring the screen into focus, this action does cause the whole application to terminate interminably, with an execution error of (R0040) from PowerBuilder. 'Error Mimatched ANY datatypes in expression double, interger at line 5 in function get_x_of object uads_line_item_config’ When we reached out to the developers on this they have said that this error is caused when Blue Prism is trying to interact with the screen previous. (Basically, the original screen before the button is pressed to open the new chrome Window.) We can see that this is not the case on screen. We have the UIA mapped for the window we are trying to activate to just have an element of Window (UIA) UI Control Type = window Match Index = 1 Has anyone encountered this before and found a ‘best practice’ way of mapping the elements in this scenario. (We have tried attach detach, wait times etc. to no avail) Thanks in Advance and well done if you read till the end.