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When hitting “Cancel” on a specific webpage a popup appears asking for confirmation (just need to press “ok” to close it). I tried spying it inside the main browser object but the following error appeared:

“there was an error during the spying operation”

Since I can't identify it to start with I can't perform any actions on it. How could I deal with this?

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Hi there,

Thanks for your post! The issue you've encountered is related to multi-threaded applications, which require a separate Business Object to successfully interact with them.

Create a new Business Object with "iexplore" as the process name. Then in your Attach stage, set the Window Title to match whatever the Window Text of your pop-up screen is - I'm guessing it's something like “Message from webpage”. Then set the Child Index as 0 – this should attach successfully.

Then you should be able to successfully spy the pop-up and the buttons inside it, using Win32.

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Hi @omarimon

@RDawson9 is correct. You need to have a separate Application Model setup for this dialog box, hence you need to create a new Business Object. The reason behind this is that the dialog that you are encountering has a separate process thread and process ID to your initial application. You can find this under the Processes tab in your Task Manager - thus being called a multi-threaded application.

Do let us know if @RDawson9 has managed to answer your question so we can mark it as solved.

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