Live Webinar : Premier InfoAssists Automates Shipping Documentation Process with Nividous Platform


Discover the success story of Premier InfoAssists, a leading export and import trade management services company, transforming its end-to-end documentation process with the Nividous intelligent automation platform. The use of natively embedded RPA, AI and BPM components has allowed Premier InfoAssists to improve overall process completion time by 60% and reduce human dependency by 80%. The Nividous Bots are deployed to automate Letter of Credit (LC) amendment process, while validating a range of documents including Bill of Lading, load report, Insurance, Certificate of Origin and Pre-Shipment Inspection Certificate.

Join this webinar to learn:

* Challenges faced by Premier InfoAssists in managing this manual process
* Demonstration of Nividous Bots automating Letter of Credit amendment process
* The overall business impact of this intelligent automation and its road ahead

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