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I’m writing this thread because we are planning to migrate our environment from a On-Premise one to a Cloud and also to start using Cyber Ark in our environment. We are on a testing stage and we already made the REST API work from the BP object and on our CyberArk - Login Agent Process (debugging). The problem happens when we try to send the process from the control room to another VM, it seems that the bot is skipping all the steps and goes from Get Credential Name to Log In, skipping all the steps in between.

We would really appreciate your help


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I have never seen issue like this, however, i would try following:
- Double check that the stages are logging, so you can verify that process is skipping the actions between
- Does this happen also in debug mode
- If issue persist, try to generate new process (do not copy+paste) with same actions.

My assumption is that logging is disabled for steps between. The stage "get Cyberark property - APP ID" IS returning error and it continues in recovery stage to login stage. When logging is disabled you don't see it from the logs and it seems quite odd.


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Is your issue with Credential Manager or with the API? Does the user ID logged into the other VM have valid credentials for the CyberArk API?
Try to run the process in debug mode and see whether all the steps are getting executed properly or not and also please check the logging stages also. Whether it is in enabled or Errors only enabled.


Hi Ruben - Were you able to integrate Cyberark into the Login process? If so, can you elaborate on how you fixed this issue?