MS Outlook VBO and Blueprism v 6.4.1


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Hello, i'm facing several issues in setting properties of the MS Outlook VBO for BP v 6.4.1 It seems the version of the VBO i'm using is jan 2019 dated. System always tells me that there are compiler error issues when i try to run my robot, no matters the settings. I don't use any code stage, i simply follow all setting instructions. Could anyone help? Many thanks.
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Ty for reply rpame, here there is the error message. My Errors list is empty. Ty again.


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It seems the code in the object was changed (or opended and saved) -- yet was not checked for errors before saving.

Try to open the object again, and check the code for errors and save it (if there are no errors).
The thing is, it doesn't have to be code stage in the specific action in VBO. It could be any action from VBO.. It's a big hustle to check them all one by one, but one of them had to been modified (and saved (not discarded))