PDF intergration - Extract form fields

susheel perugu

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Dear all,

I am facing following problem, can anyone help me in solving it.

I am using PDF integration command in Automation Anywhere. and using sub-command 'Extract form fields'

I'd like to extract fields from all the pdf files in a folder.
Can you tell me how to loop with all the files in a folder. I am trying to loop using loop command for 'each file in a folder'

however, I am not able to give the path of each pdf file in pdf integration.

could someone explain me.

Thank you.

best regards,


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I'm not sure if you have solved your issue Susheel. But there are a couple of system variables at your disposal which should resolve this.



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Quite not sure it will help for keeps, but your workaround with using 'each file in folder' only works when each file you're extracting fields from consists of the same number of them. As an example, if the very first pdf has 4 filled fields, every next one should have the same number of 4, no more or less. You could figure this out by adding blank fields where there is a lack of them, with such a tool to edit pdf files. Nonetheless, it doesn't help you with the files where the amount of fields to extract is bigger


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There are many advanced features are available in different file format options which can be helpful for you to sort out this problem. I have also faced the same kind of issue and got the resolution through the https://pdf.co/ option and this helps me a lot of document conversion into pdf file and reading various files data into pdf file format platform. You can take help as well but not sure it will help you or not.