Process a collection - get file name


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I have files in a folder which I use the file management VBO to get a list of and place into a collection. I know one of the values that collection contains is the name of the file. How do I access that name to use in another action?

I have a similar collection using the MS Outlook VBO and when I open that collection it lists all of the field names i.e.


and I can access those field names in other actions. However in the collection created by the 'Get Files' action there is no list of filed names. I can see the list of files in the 'current values' tab


but the field columns show nothing


What I want to do is loop through each file in the collection and save the spreadsheet as a text file. The MS Excel VBO:: 'Save Workbook as' wants a filename. If I were using the email collection I could simply drag and drop the appropriate text entry


But I have no such option for file name

Anyone have any idea how I can achieve this?




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When you are dealing with Collections, you can think of each field as a separate data item within the collection. So if you are trying to grab a specific field from the 'Get Files' Collection, you can set it as this: [Collection Name.Field]

Collection Name
would be based on what you had named that Collection. EG: Get Files
Field would be things like Path, Folder, Name, etc

So if you are trying to pull from the Get Files collection you can try to set it to this: [Get Files.Path] which will get you the 1st file path from the collection.

Now for what you are doing, you'll also need to ensure that you are looping through the Get File collection so that it then gets to the next field and grabs the next Path to feed into your Excel Object.

Hope this helps!