Psexec to run a VB Script on multiple VMs


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Here is a scenario I am trying to solve and I was wondering if anybody with Psexec experience could help:

I have a VB script which I want to launch on individual VMs from a given list of VMs. The VbScript is a self contained file saved in a shared directory.

I want to create a process that will allow me to run the VB script from control room for a list of VMs utilising Psexec to launch the VBScript on each VM.



There are a few ways you could address the basic need here.

1) You could use the Utility - Environment VBO to run psexec as if you were calling it yourself from the command line. Take a look at the Start Process action.

2) You could create your own VBO and use a code stage to perform the process execution directly in C# or VB code. You can actually find an example of how to do this within the Process Dispatch Framework asset on the Digital Exchange. Take a look at the Utility - Process Dispatcher VBO. If has logic in it to call the AutomateC.exe utility from the command line. You can adapt that to calling psexec.

3) Instead of using psexec, you could use PowerShell to do the same thing.



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Thanks for the reply I managed to resolve this with a bit of trial and error.

I'm happy to share the solution should anybody else require it.