Required Audit BOT to check coding standards of other BOT's???

Arun Siri

New Member
Required Audit BOT: which will check other Bot's business coding standards (Syntactical errors, naming conventions, etc...) instead of reviewing the BOTS manually...

If any of you having kindly let me know!???


There are a few different assets available on the Blue Prism Digital Exchange that are designed to assist with process/VBO reviews. Most of them are not free though. There are options from Reveal Group, BinaryWay, and Nordea.

There is one free tool called RPA Navigator available on GitHub. It's basically an open source rules engine for Blue Prism. It has a set of predefined rules that you can use, and you can add your own. You might give it a look.


Arun Siri

New Member
Thank you so much for your response Ewilson....:)

Meanwhile we have developed our own Audit BOT which will review upto 35 Audit Standards.