Run Access queries on Blue Prism


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Hi, fellows!

I'm working on automating a process that needs to run some queries in Access (based on a Form with the necessary sequence of queries).

How can I teach this Form to the robot through the Data - OLEDB object? Is this possible?

Image 1 - Queries

Image 2 - VBA with the Forms Instructions

Image 3 - Action on BP

Thanks in advance for the help!


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Got any update?
if not try considering the Access as excel and perform the query operations over the worksheet.


There is no exposed method of executing an Access query with the Data - OLEDB VBO. You would need to define a new action on the VBO and implement the code yourself. There are various examples available on the net, but it boils down to these steps:

- Create an instance of a OleDbConnection object.
- Get an instance of a OleDbCommand object from the above connection object.
- Set the CommandType property, on the command object, to CommandType.StoredProcedure
- Set the CommandText property to the name of the Access query you want to run
- If there are parameters that need to be passed to the query, define them using the Parameters collection on the command object
- Call the Open method of the connection object
- If you expect to receive a response from the query, create an instance of an OleDbReader object and set it to the outcome of a call to the ExecuteReader method of the command object