Save as pop up in edge is saving incorrectly


In one of our process I'm trying to download a file from edge browser. We've enabled Ask me what to do with each downlod.
We're getting the save as popup and using a write stage I'm writing my path in the filename textbox. This logic worked in dev but failed in qa.
The file is getting saved in default folder instead of the path that is passed in and with the default name that the file has.

Babjee Vangipurapu


Active Member
Check to ensure your QA user ID has access to the desired folder. Also, how are you writing the path and filename in the filename textbox? A write stage might not always work. When I want to Save As using Edge, I send keystrokes CTRL-SHIFT-S to open the save as dialog, then I use a navigate stage with Global Send Keys to enter the path and filename in the filename textbox (focus first). This will enable the Save button, so I use GSK to send ENTER.