Scanning a particular email in Outlook using MAPI


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Hi Experts,

I am new to Blue Prism. I am working on a bot where the requirement is to search for an email in Outlook based on a text in the Subject.
I am using VBO MAPIEx. I used 2 of its actions - "GetMail" and "List Mails within Date and Time".
"Get Mail" is only reading the first mail from Outlook even if i trigger it in a loop.
"List Mails within Date and Time" does not respond and the Blue Prism process gets stuck.

I tried writing some code using reference but that does not seem to work.
Can you please tell me how can i scan the Outlook Mail to find a particular mail based on a text in the Subject. Or else how can i fetch the entire list of mails and then scan through them in a loop. However, I do not want to fetch the entire list as that is like unnecessarily fetching all data.
Please let me know how I should proceed on this issue.



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are you loading the email details into a collection?
"GetMail" only scans the first email every time and fetches that into data items. Even if we have a collection it will not solve the purpose. Also, there is no way to search for email using subject text.