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Hi all,

Does anyone have any knowledge or advice regarding the automation of Twitter using Blue Prism 5.

I am experiencing the BP crashing when I try to spy recently posted tweets, the user profile icon (you need to click on it to access the logout link). I believe the issue to be with Twitter itself and not Blue Prism.

I'm using IE11 as the browser as I do not have Chrome or Firefox installed (unfortunately changing / testing a different browser is not an option).

Many thanks in advance,

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Hi Russ,

Hope you're well.

Just attempted this myself and didn't find any issues. I spied the user profile icon as you mentioned and it works fine. Possibly a silly question but I presume you can automate other websites without any issue?

Could you share a screenshot of your Application Modeller setup please?



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Hi Rob,

I am very well thank you. thanks for asking :)

2018-03-08_12h53_33_App Modeller.png

I've posted an image of App Modeller for you (you'll notice that I am using default settings within A.M.)

I have managed to automate the log into Twitter using AA & HTML without any issue, but as soon as I try to spy within Twitter that is where the issue occurs. Blue Prism has crashed on me when I have been cycling through the spy modes so I can select the best method.

Just to check with you that you've used the same parameters as me (BP5 + IE11)

Many thanks



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Strange indeed, I'm using BP5 and IE11, with HTML as the spy mode and have no issues.

When you say "crashed", there's no error message or anything? Blue Prism is just freezing?


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Yes, this is beginning to sound quite bizarre, especially if you've not experienced any issues.


I get the usual helpful MS error prompt, which then closes BP. Event logs not giving much away either.

I've tried a 2nd automation build in case the original was corrupt, but the same happens there too.

I suspect then that this must be some sort of configuration issue on the client server. So I'll have a look in that direction.

It's good to now know that it isn't a BP or Twitter issue, so kind of narrows down the field.

Thanks for checking at your end.



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Hi Russell,

Just give another try with the below options
- Turn On compatibility view of IE for the website. If it is already ON, then spy keeping it OFF.
- Hope you have kept the zoom size of browser to 100% while spying.