Upgrade projects form 6.5 to 6.10


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Hello everyone!

Due to the upcoming update to the manifest files in explorers to the new version we are updating the Blueprim version for most of out clients from 6.5 to 6.10. The thing is that none in my team has ever worked much with BP and even less has done something like this.

So I'm writing you to know if anyone can give us some good advices, things to consider, and anything that you consier that is important, like for example if we can make a direct update to 6.10 of maybe we have to do an update to an intermediate version or whatever.

Thank you very much!


@Sgonzapo please check the Release Notes for v6.10. It should give you all the info you need. There will be an Upgrade Notices section with specific information about moving from a specific earlier version to v6.10. As I recall, you will have to perform a DB upgrade on the BP database as there have been some table changes I think.