What is meant by Intervals in DateAdd(),DateDiff(),FormatDate()?


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Hi Everyone,
Can some one Please explain What is intervals in DateAdd(),DateDiff(),FormatDate()? Is there any Documentation with example's Please suggest me.



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Hi Harish, you can try to see the help document in BP, it enum the list of the interval for both DateAdd() and DateDiff(), the index is start wiht 0.

Interval DateAdd
0 Year
1 Week
2 (n/a)
3 (n/a)
4 Quarter Quarter
5 Month

For example, to add a number of months to a date use interval number 5. So to add 2 months to 26/5/1999, use DateAdd(5, 2, MakeDate(26,5,1999)). This would correctly return 26/7/1999.


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Hi harish17,

- Open a Calc stage
- Click on the question mark sign on the top right hand corner of the window
- Type Datediff on the search box at the left hand side
- Double click Datediff when it comes up
- This will open up the details of the Datediff function along with the interval constants and also help on other Date functions.


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Can someone help me in validating a date which should be greater than 7 days from today.
I have used the expression as : - DateDiff(8, Today(), [Item Data.Departure_Date])
But while evaluating the expression, it throws error as " DateDiff function requires 3 arguments of types: (number,datetime,datetime) "


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Hi Aliva, we dont have any interval as 8.
Interval should be either 0 for years, 1 for week, 4 for quarter, 5 for month and 9 for days.
Change the dates to datetime and try the below:
DateDiff(9, FormatDateTime((Today(),"dd/MM/yy"), FormatDateTime(AddDays(Today,1),"dd/MM/yy")).
The above format will give you the difference in days. Hope this will help you.