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Hi Karan ,

Is shared inbox working for you ? Am trying to move email of sharedinbox to subfolders but its giving error "object reference not set " . Can you share the solution for this please.
Hi All,

Can you please guide me how to concatenate two fields in a collection.
EX :
I have a Employee collection with two fields.
column A. F Name
column B. S Name

I want results in
column C : F Name S Name.

Thanks !!!
Hi Birabrata

If no space required in between them, then in Calc Stage use this function [F Name]&[S Name]
If Space required in between them, then in Calc stage use this function [F Name] &" "& [S Name]
Is there any option to check if one collection is empty or not other than using 'Count Row' action from internal VBO 'Collection'?

It is an undefined collection. As per the business scenario, sometime the object will get some value from the target application and put it in the collection and sometime it is not when the application is not having any value.

Please suggest.

Hi Sourabh,

Use following line of code to check collection is empty or not without using Row Count Function.
Put bellow code in code stage it will return true or false

Dim flag as Boolean = false
if Input_Collection Is Nothing
End If
Hello mrs Camicat, i red you're from Italy like me. If i may, i would ask an advice about a problem i'm facing with BP Outlook VBO. I'm using BP 6.4.1. When i try to run a robot based on this VBO, BP tells me there is a code error, to check errors list, but my error list Is empty and i don't modify or add any code to the vbo. Could you please help me? I really Need this robot work on PEC emails. Ty very much in Adv