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    Identifying a Google Chrome Window that is launched from inside a PowerBuilder Window

    Hi All, I am looking to see if anyone else has encountered a similar problem and found a resolution. (I hope the explanation is clear enough as it is a tricky one to explain) We have an in house built css.exe PowerBuilder application. It’s a legacy system. The developers have added new bits of...
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    Attach to Internet Explorer (open through "run as" command)

    Hey, I'm trying to get attached to my Internet Explorer Instance, wich I startet via commandline as a different user ("run as ..."). Everytime I trie to get the Application modeler attach, the Error "more than one application matched the criteria". If I use the the Child Index given by the...
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    Unable to attach to Internet Explorer Error Window

    Hi Everyone, When I am trying to attach to Internet Explorer Error Window I am getting the following error. "Target Application Could not be Identified". In the attach stage I have provided Process Name as iexplore ,window Title *Internet Explorer* and child count I tried with 0 and 1. Please...
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    Attach internet explorer

    Hi, I am trying to attach to an open internet explorer page. Unfortunately BluePrism I get following error message: Internal : Failed to perform step 1 in Navigate Stage 'Navigate1' on page 'Action 1' - More than one application matched the criteria This is strange because it is the only...
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    How to attach the exist Browser

    Hello, I opened Browser now after some actions I want to attach the existing browser. Now How to do it with "Attach" action. Please anyone create object upload in forum