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    Missing data from collection when looping

    Hi all, I am facing an issue of missing data when looping the data in collection. Let me explain in detail, Process : 1.Firstly a data report from sap has to be downloaded . 2.using get collection action taking all the data into collection(named as : data collection). 3.After getting in to...
  2. T

    how to find and replace text in power point using blue prism

    Can any please help me with the code for he below requirement how to find and replace text in power point using blue prism thanks in advance :)
  3. S

    Split Text with multiple Delimiters

    Hi, I would like to split collection column based on multiple delimiters like "," ":" " " "/" etc. I tried with Utility String VBO but it seems like it allows single delimiter. Is there any other option to use multiple delimiters in single action stage? Thank you
  4. V

    Increase in processing time - Web Automation

    Hi All - We're currently working on web automation project where the web page is Chrome based and all the elements have been spied in Browser Mode. While running the automation from the control room, we've observed that the processing time for the first item in the queue is normal, but when the...
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    Unable to upload file to API using HTP Request

    Hi All, I'm working on a project where I need to send a variety of files with different extensions (PDF,xlsx,csv,etc.) to a Document Management System using the API. The API Call uses Content-Type of multipart/form-data. I've been able to upload the document correctly using Postman, but am...
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    Blueprism To Create Validation Drop Down List In Excel

    I have a Code stage running the following: GetInstance(handle).Activecell.Validation.Add (Type:=xlValidateList, AlertStyle:=xlValidAlertStop,Formula1:=("Yes,No")) This is producing the following error: Page: Input Validation List Stage: Input Validation List Type: Error Action: Validate...
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    Blueprism schedular not working

    I just installed blueprism on my local machine and try to schedule a process. But scheduling is not working. For troubleshooting 1) I changed to my local machine timezone to UTC as blueprism works on UTC timezone by default, but this thing also not worked. 2) After changing the timezone...
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    How to get files in all sub directories?

    Hi, I have a root folder with multiple sub folders and those sub folders could have more sub folders and so on and so forth. I want to run an action and pass it the base folder and get all files that are contained in there (Even in sub folders). The Get files action only gets the files at the...
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    The method or operation is not implemented - Selecting an Item within a Combo-box

    Hi, Firstly I'd like to say how helpful this forum is as I've recently started the job role as Junior RPA Developer and most of my problems have been fixed by coming here. The problem that I'm facing is the selection of an item within a combo-box/drop-down list on a webpage, my current flow of...
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    SAP Automation using BAPI & RPA

    Hi Everyone! Trying to automate an SAP table for open sales orders. Functionality required : Need to fetch data of all SKUs in the sales order and modify some of them basis logic. Issue : Using BP (RPA) I will have to go through each line item (SKU) . Although someone mentioned that I can...
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    Tags hadnling

    i have tun the process but due to some technical issue the item got system exception but i need change the tag value of the exception case hoe can we handle this sutioation please give the clarification
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    Update multiple values in Oracle (SQL) in one shot

    Hello everyone, I need to update 10k rows and 100 columns daily in Oracle. It's too slow if I do it using a loop over the collection that contains the new values. Is there any way to do it in one shot? I have the new information in Excel and I read it in a collection. Thanks, BD
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    Solved Global SendKey Numpad enter

    I need to make a Global SendKey with a numpad enter for an IBM Mainframe application. That program does not recognize normal enter so i need to numpad enter it to work. Some ideas?
  14. A

    Excel Formula Issue using BluePrism

    5 Home Microsoft Excel Select the language Select the language (English) English (Deutsch) German...
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    Somebody please help me that how can i remove "(Double quote) from collection in blueprism?

    Somebody please help me that how can i remove "(Double quote) from collection in blueprism? We got this issue in production, only because of this issue 3 processes in production got stopped! It's an emergency to fix it, I've been trying from so many days to fix this issue. Actually i've been...
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    BluePrism v6.2.1 Spying issue- Highlight shows exact place in second tab

    Hello, I am working on a project which is on salesforce. Recently SalesForce stopped support for IE11. I am using BluePrism 6.2.1 version. I already developed BOT which is not working as expected and therefore I need to switch to other browser. If I highlight already spied element then it is...
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    How to escape . in collection column?

    I'm trying to use a field (named Cont. Service Start Date) as an input to an action. When I try to write the item as an input normally "[table.Cont. Service Start Date]" I get the error "The field Cont doesn't exist in this collection, as BP is assuming Cont is the name of the field I am looking...
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    Blueprism Scheduler is not working?

    Somebody please help me how can i fix this scheduler issue? I'm really messed up with this problem!o_O:(:(:(:confused: I've installed trail version of blueprism but scheduler is not working in both trail & Learning editions? (I've been using Local DB)
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    Unable to launch Microsoft Edge with url? and also Unable to Terminate Microsoft Edge?

    Somebody please give me solution for my problem? 1.Blueprism not able to launch MS Edge with specified url-It is just launching appn but not enterning url automatically!? 2.And also Blueprism unable to terminate MS Edge- If i use Global send keys Alt+F4 then blueprism itself getting terminated...
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    Read row starting from a specific cell

    Hi! How can I get values from row starting from a particular cell from Excel file? Example, I need to extract all values from 2nd row, starting from B2 cell? P.s. it's better to extract non-empty cells. Thanks in advance.