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    Excel Formula Issue using BluePrism

    5 Home Microsoft Excel Select the language Select the language (English) English (Deutsch) German...
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    Somebody please help me that how can i remove "(Double quote) from collection in blueprism?

    Somebody please help me that how can i remove "(Double quote) from collection in blueprism? We got this issue in production, only because of this issue 3 processes in production got stopped! It's an emergency to fix it, I've been trying from so many days to fix this issue. Actually i've been...
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    BluePrism v6.2.1 Spying issue- Highlight shows exact place in second tab

    Hello, I am working on a project which is on salesforce. Recently SalesForce stopped support for IE11. I am using BluePrism 6.2.1 version. I already developed BOT which is not working as expected and therefore I need to switch to other browser. If I highlight already spied element then it is...
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    How to escape . in collection column?

    I'm trying to use a field (named Cont. Service Start Date) as an input to an action. When I try to write the item as an input normally "[table.Cont. Service Start Date]" I get the error "The field Cont doesn't exist in this collection, as BP is assuming Cont is the name of the field I am looking...
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    Blueprism Scheduler is not working?

    Somebody please help me how can i fix this scheduler issue? I'm really messed up with this problem!o_O:(:(:(:confused: I've installed trail version of blueprism but scheduler is not working in both trail & Learning editions? (I've been using Local DB)
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    Unable to launch Microsoft Edge with url? and also Unable to Terminate Microsoft Edge?

    Somebody please give me solution for my problem? 1.Blueprism not able to launch MS Edge with specified url-It is just launching appn but not enterning url automatically!? 2.And also Blueprism unable to terminate MS Edge- If i use Global send keys Alt+F4 then blueprism itself getting terminated...
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    Read row starting from a specific cell

    Hi! How can I get values from row starting from a particular cell from Excel file? Example, I need to extract all values from 2nd row, starting from B2 cell? P.s. it's better to extract non-empty cells. Thanks in advance.
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    Blueprism - WorkFusion

    Hi All - Just a very curious question. Is it possible to export an automation build in BluePrism and convert that to WorkFusion. Something like exporting a .bprelease file and importing that into Workfusion tool? Is that even possible? Is there a possible workaround or does the whole automation...
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    Eastern Time Conversion in WorkQueue Get completed Data

    Hello, I have 2 use cases which has to do with Eastern Time. These are as follows: 1) Converting time to Eastern Time so that based on time, I can assign a job or mark as defer until pre-decided time. 2) Getting completed data times from work queue (Get completed items) object based on last...
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    Possbility to automate the setting of a Process' Summary comment

    Hi all, Given a process and it's given summary comment, I am trying to create an object in BP that automates the "saving" and setting of the given process' summary comment. For example, if I was to update the summary of a comment for a process, I would go into the process, click the save...
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    Automating checking for compilation errors for an existing process in Blue Prism using Blue Prism object

    Hi all, I'm trying to create a BP object that checks for a particular process to see if it has any compilation errors. If it does, then it gets all the existing errors and screenscrapes them onto some variable for future reading - possibly onto a word doc. 1. Currently, I'm using Application...
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    Solved Run Time Error Macro freezes BluePrism

    Hello, i'm currently encountering an issue with my project. I have to download multiple excel files from an Intranet. Then, open them one by one and call a specific macro (The same macro exists in all the files). While running the macro, i noticed that there's a runtime error with the macro...
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    Extract text between specific values from collection

    Hello, I'm quiet new to Blue Prism and would like to extract text between specific values. The values to be extracted are marked bold in the example below. For instance: Absence vacation for: Employee ID: 12345 Employee Name: Max Smith Your absence will start at Dec 21, 2020 and ends at Dec...
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    Blueprism To Run Database Package

    Hi, I have a package on the database which requires a stub such as declare ln_ret number; begin ln_ret := pkg_rpa.DOC_UPLOAD ( 'Y', 'SL004963', 'BOT Test'); dbms_output.put_line('ln_ret=' || t.t (ln_ret)); end; This will insert a record into a table using these values I...
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    Issue with reading text in surface automation when RDP is disconnected

    Hi All, I am facing an issue while reading text in surface automation when the RDP is not taken as when disconnected through RDP, it does not read some text value using Read text with OCR and when RDP is taken it reads it correctly. Could anyone help me out with this? Thanks in Advance!!!
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    Get worksheet as collection

    Hi , We are getting issue in get worksheet as collection in which the blueprism gets hanged. The logs showing "Requested Clipboard operation did not succeed" This issue is occurring in multiple robots and suddenly occuring in robots. Can suggest
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    Anyone has worked on SAP S/4 HANA migration project using RPA tools

    Hi All, We are evaluating a customer request of migration activities for SAP ECC system to S/4 HANA using any of the RPA tools. It helps if someone can help with proper development strategy and points to be considered. Thanks, Mahesh
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    Help On improving BOT performance and RCA

    Hi Team, This is a high level lay out for one of my project, which runs 24/7. Theses are few details. 1- Object 1 , mostly works on HTML mode. 2-Object 2, 95% works in SAP mode. 5%- in UI mode. Problem:- Bot runs good however, it takes time to identify the 5% of UI mod elements. The time...
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    How to get the data from the previous scheduled run of BOT?

    Hi, I have a scenario where I have to get the date and time from the previous scheduled run. For ex: if the last run till May 10 - 6PM then the next run should starts from May 10 - 6:01 PM. How to strore this data in BP for each run so that I can get the start time for the next run? I am...
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    Waiting for webpage to load using Selenium Web Driver in BP

    Hi, I am using Selenium web driver to automate logging into a website, but after logging in it s not waiting for the website to load and hence running into error in the next step. Used the below code , but the whole page isnt loaded after the stage executes...