1. R

    Activate Application sometimes throws exception

    I am trying to figure out why my Blue Prism process is throwing an exception sometimes. It is always in the same location - one of my steps performs an "Activate Application" - this is a Win 32 application. I have launched Application Modeler and checked my spy definitions - they are working...
  2. D

    Solved Run Time Error Macro freezes BluePrism

    Hello, i'm currently encountering an issue with my project. I have to download multiple excel files from an Intranet. Then, open them one by one and call a specific macro (The same macro exists in all the files). While running the macro, i noticed that there's a runtime error with the macro...
  3. H

    What will happen if BOT Run an infinite looop While Running Procces from control Room?

    HI all, What will Happend if BOt ran an infinite loop while running the process from control room? If the infinite loop happend between recover and resume or any other scenario?
  4. D


    i am all over sudden getting this weird exception. this seems to be happening when closing excel. This is the error attached. "System.runtime.iteropservice.InvalidComObjectException: COM object that has been seperated from its underlying RCW cannot be used at...
  5. D

    Collect (extract) all exceptions for a Process or Object!

    Is there a possible way to extract all the exception messages from a process just like it is for getting all the exception types from a process and object? I'm using Blue Prism V5
  6. mtabv

    Screenshot Exception Stage

    Hi all, by clicking the check box in the exception stage, a screenshot can be taken. So far so clear, but where is it saved and is there a possibility of storing it in a data item right away? Thanks for any help :) Mtabv
  7. S

    notifications disrupting OCR

    Hello, I'm trying to OCR a pdf and it is working near perfectly. But sometimes I keep getting some notifications from Dell or skype business. Is there a way to handle all of that? like no matter what disruption occurs the pdf should be spied. Thank you