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    Multiple dots when reading Number as Text - Reading using OCR

    Hi, When Spying on Region Mode and reading Total Value using OCR, sometimes the output has 2 dots Example 1 = 12,.400.55 Example 2 = 1,.200.99 My Final output is after removing "," Final 1 = 12.400.55 Final 2 = 1.200.99 issue: Unable to Cast text into the Number Can anyone tell me how to...
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    OCR engines A2019

    Hi all, Can you please share what OCR engines are available and can be employed by automation anywhere? Tia
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    Urgent! BP OCR VIN# Indetification issues

    Hi Guys, I am trying to use BP OCR to read a printed fax form. I was able to read text with OCR for almost every printed text in the form, how ever reading the alphanumeric Vehicle VIN# is giving me wierd results. For eg VIN# F1269ASX87715BCZ0 is not been read accurately. I tried incrementing...
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    Json to collection out of memory exception

    Hi , Any one encountered out of memory exception while loading the Json to collection skipping array
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    OCR Capture Area: Selected window and result is misaligned

    Hi, when I capture an area using OCR it actually scans a different window that is shifted from what I selected. I attached 2 screenshots, one that shows what I selected ("Invoice") and one that shows the result, which ended up being in the toolbar. I tried using different zooms but nothing...
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    Tesseract Error

    Does anyone know how I can fix this error? I've reinstalled blueprism, reinstalled tesseract OCR, created a new database. every time I use tesseract OCR this error occurs. error image:
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    is there some way to Read PDF through OCR without launching it?

    I'm trying to read Image PDF (Not document). I have seen a lot of tutorials about reading Image PDF files using read text with OCR, but in all cases they are launching PDF files to read data or work with already opened PDF. However, I don't want to launch the PDF to read data.
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    OCR - Multiple PDF Files

    Hi, I've created a process that will read the contents of a PDF (using region mode) and write the values to data items. However this only works if I specify the file that I want it to open (in Chrome). How can I get it to loop through a specific folder of PDF's, read each one, and then write...
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    Blue prism - Get values of dynamic images

    Hi, I would like to get robotic an application, using Blue Prism, that manage some documents; every documents is different and does not exist a template. Per each item, the document is uploaded like an image. What I have to do is, open the image and get value of some fields. Is it...
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    OCR languages

    Hey, I tried to read some text using ocr that has Lithuanian characters (ąčęėįšųūž), but it doesn't seem like the engine is picking up the special characters. Did anyone try reading special characters? Perhaps there's a plugin/add-on or something I could install to be able to read those characters?
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    notifications disrupting OCR

    Hello, I'm trying to OCR a pdf and it is working near perfectly. But sometimes I keep getting some notifications from Dell or skype business. Is there a way to handle all of that? like no matter what disruption occurs the pdf should be spied. Thank you
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    POP up

    Hello, I'm OCRing a PDF and storing the data in collections. Is it possible for Blue prism to give a pop up(loading bar or anything) on the unused part of the pdf to give the progress of the spying? Example: if the OCR takes 1 min, I want the popup to display the something and as soon as...
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    PDF - OCR

    Hello, *****I'm trying to OCR pdf in region mode and I kept it as size to fit(it should be sized to fit in ADOBE READER for development purpose) as i need to take lots of data for example :the name of the company region. example: The actual pdf contains the name as : Americhem Inc...