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    Webinar on RPA made accessible, Powerful and Smarter with Gen AI, Wednesday, December 6, 2023 at 9.30 pm IST, 11 AM ET, US

    Tap into the incredible potential of Generative AI to turbocharge your workflows, making processes even smarter and more efficient than ever before. During this live webinar, Hemraj Sadhnani, VP, Product Engineering explores the synergy of RPA and Generative AI for enhanced process automation...
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    What intelligent automation is and why it matters

    In this era of fast-moving business changes, organizations need an end-to-end automated solution which is a combination of cloud, artificial intelligence (AI), robotics and smart machines. One such technology that has emerged in the digital world is – intelligent automation. This technology...
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    Live Webinar : All Chemical Automates Sales Order Creation Process using Nividous Platform

    Discover the success story of All Chemical, a veteran transport and logistics company, transforming its sales order creation process with the Nividous intelligent automation platform. In their efforts to provide seamless and on-time service, All Chemical successfully streamlined and automated...
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    Process Documents Using Artificial Intelligence For RPA Bots

    Robotic Process Automation has helped many business professionals to automate their repetitive tasks and concentrate on the productive task. These bots work as digital workers on the application user interfaces and mimic the actions. But, these bots used to have some limitations like it would...
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    The challenges in using data scientists in RPA projects

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    Antti, an Aito.ai founder (we provide predictive queries for RPA)

    Hi everyone, I'm Antti from Aito.ai :) https://aito.ai/rpa/ We got pulled into RPA by our partners & customers, because they felt that the existing ML solutions didn't serve the intelligence automation / AI + RPA needs. In essence they stated that 'before Aito all AI alternatives have been...