How to get Process ID Dynamically?


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hi every one,

i have an action called attach for one of the web application (this application was launched from internet explorer ) in one of the Navigation Stage i used action as Attach i have Certain Scenario for that i need to use WIndow title as a collection input , when i use this i need to use Process id or Process Name i gave Process name as 'iexplorer' it is saying there are more than one Application matched the Criteria i looked in to the Task Manager there are two Process running in the name of internet Explorer if i kill either one of them Manually the Whole internet explorer was terminated Abruptly, is there any way we can solve this one? i read some where by using some VBO we can get Dynamic Process ID Every time When you run? if it is the case Could some on please let me know the VBO and Action name nd also is there any way we can fix this by using Process Name?


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Hi harish17,

For getting the Process Id you need to use the 'Read Memory Stats' action of the 'Utility Environment' VBO.
You can take a look at it here.

Regarding the multiple instances you are seeing in the task manager you can read about it in post #2 and #3 here.

And since you are working with window title, process Ids and IE you might as well want to take a look at post #4 here.