Solved Poller script VS 1 minute schedule


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Hi everyone,
I was wondering if it's worth making an script running all the time, which polls a queue for new items continuously, which obviously requires a dedicated robot.
Is it not better to consider making a 1-time-check script instead, combined with a 1-minute schedule in Control room?
Considering the fact that the latter script would be paired to a resource pool (instead of a single VM), allowing other scripts to run as well, as required.


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HI @cs.andras,

If you have a lot of smaller processes which have short SLAs I'd recommend building a process which polls the queues or staging areas. This can get quite complex when you're wanting to limit the maximum number of machines working a queue, have various business priorities and if you have time critical processes which need to run at fixed times during the day.

Using the scheduler to run processes every minute will soon clog up your control room making it unmanageable.

On a side note, I have developed a number of pollers which perform this activity in the past.