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Hello guys,

i'm using Utility - Strings (Extended) VBO with Regex V2 action (It came with the example process of how to parse text at the Blue Prism digitalexchange - really useful thing). It works just fine and way better then the standard one from Utility - Strings. However, the following expression doesn't work for me: ((OP 20.*)\s*.*\n*.*4698 003 0015.*\n*.*\n*OP.) I wrote it and tested it here - works perfect there and gives me exactly one match. But when I insert it in bp - no match. Any ideas why?

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thank you!


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Solved myself.

First thing you want to do is to delete all NewLine() from input text with simple Replace(NewLine(), ""). Then just this regex: "(OP \d{4}\/\d{2,3}\..{2}3).*(?:4698 003 0015).*(OP 2019\/51.IZ4)" and voila :)

Seems that there is an issue when using regex in BP when there are newlines.


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I just came across this issue today.
I made it work without sacrificing formating in my text by replacing NewLine() with Chr(10) (Line feed).
I did try Chr(13) (Carriage Return) first, but this was not recognised in the \n, while Chr(10) was.
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