Runtime showing as Idle but Not Connected


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I have a newly built Blue Prism environment in Azure (App Server, Interactive and Runtime on separate VMs). Everything appears okay until I try and run a process on the Runtime from Control Room.

From the Interactive, my Runtime shows "Logged Out" but "Not Connected", so I'm unable to run Login. Login Agent is installed on the Runtime and using the correct connection to the App Server. I think the fact it shows as "Logged Out" is a good start.

If I login to the Runtime manually using RDP or VNC, the Runtime shows "Idle" but "Not Connected" on the Interactive - The listener is starting okay on the Runtime and showing connected to the app server.

So even though the Runtime is showing "Idle", I'm unable to run a process as it's not connected.

If I open the Blue Prism client on the Runtime itself and go into Control Room, the Runtime is showing as "Idle" and "Yes - Connected" - but only from the BP Client on the Runtime. It still shows as "Not Connected" in Control Room on my Interactive.

Just to confuse things even more, from Control Room on my Runtime, my Interactive shows as "Idle" and "Yes - Connected".

I've double checked all Windows and Network rules and confirmed all ports are open between all 3 VMs both inbound & outbound.

I've also checked the licence and it allows 10 Resources, so that's not the issue.

Can anyone help please as I'm stumped :-(


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I am also facing the same issue. Do you find any work around for this?
Pretty sure that the Resource PC is not started on the target VM where you want the process to execute.
When you open BP client, it launches a Resource PC by default.
Without opening BP client, you need to explicitly start the Resource PC.

Try this : On the VM, without opening BP client, navigate to the folder where BP is installed, open CMD at that location and run below command :
Automate /resourcepc /public /sso
If the above doesn't work use :
Automate /resourcepc /public /sso /dbconname "Development" (Development is the connection name, look for your connection name)

Use /user flag in case the connection is non-sso.

Something like this should appear, which confirms that Resource PC is up now.


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If a Runtime Resource is showing as Logged Out or Idle, but Not Connected, I've found that's because the Interactive Client you're on doesn't have direct network connectivity to that Runtime Resource.

This could be...
1. The Runtime computer name can't be resolved (DNS issue perhaps)
2. The port (I forget which one) is blocked
3. A firewall rule (windows or network) is blocking the connection

In my case it was number 1. My environment is in Azure with a VPN from my local machine to Azure. The machine name wasn't recognised across the VPN, so from Control Room on my local machine the Runtime showed as Not Connected. I resolved this by adding entries in the hosts file on my local machine.

Hope that helps.