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    SAP Session Handling

    Hi, I'm building a robot with BP 6.5 that needs to open, manage and close three SAP sessions not at the same time. Different transactions are invoked for each session. Opening with CTRL + works fine. However, when the robot switches from one session to another to insert the transaction, it...
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    Attach to Internet Explorer (open through "run as" command)

    Hey, I'm trying to get attached to my Internet Explorer Instance, wich I startet via commandline as a different user ("run as ..."). Everytime I trie to get the Application modeler attach, the Error "more than one application matched the criteria". If I use the the Child Index given by the...
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    Filter a Collection based upon what a file name starts with?

    This sounds to me like it should be easy but I haven't figured it out yet. I have a collection of excel files within BP and I want to filter them because for some reason once I get them inside BP, some of the files are duplicated; Fortunately, the duplicates all add a "~" to the start of their...
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    Unable to open Repairable Excel File with Blue Prism

    I am trying to open an Excel file which is corrupted but repairable. If I opened it normally then the attached screenshot shows the message displayed and if you click ok the excel file repairs is there any way to emulate this in Blue Prism. I tried the start process but it doesn't move forward...
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    Excel VBA Macro for Sending Mails in Blue Prism through Outlook (To, CC, BCC, HtmlBody & Email Attach)

    'Paste this on Visual Basic IDE of Excel Developer Mode (I used MS Excel 2016) then add it through MS Excel VBO as Macro for your Email Automation in Blue Prism using Outlook. 'You are required to create a configuration file where you insert details Sub SendEmail() 'Sends the outlook email...
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    Problem with uploading a file popup?

    I am trying to automate an online upload process using Blue Prism and I have automated everything to the point where I am trying to click on what to upload after My File Explorer pops up and I have to select exactly which excel file I wish to upload. From what I've read on here, I should have to...
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    HTML Report from Blue prism

    Dear friends, I want to create one HTML report from the MS Excel document through Blue prism RPA automation, I have one hands on VB Script to do this, but in code stage its not working. If anyone done this kind of use-case, please help me with your valuable suggestions. Thanks
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    How can I merge columns of two collections together?

    Hello, I know the Utility - Collection Manipulation action "Merge Collections" exists, however this simply puts the columns side by side in one collection. I would like to combine one column with another ( i.e. collection of 1 column [length L] merged with collection of 1 column [length L] -->...
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    Blue Prism Foundation Guide Section 9

    Currently working through the guide and on section 9 I don't know what I'm doing wrong in exercise 9.1.1. It says that after running the process I need to open the properties of the Data Items to see their current values but there are none. No mention beforehand of populating with my own values...
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    Need help to update a collection

    Hi guys, this has been driving me nuts for ages now and I know it might seem really basic but I don't remember it ever being covered in the training course I'm taking. Basically I have built a process that logs in to an order system, gets items from a work queue, places an order and then...
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    I want to print switching printers in InternetExplorer. But BluePrism can’t identify components of printer dialog. How can I identify those.
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    SAP Process chain Status

    Hi all, I am aiming to automate SAP application and need help in retrieving rows of completed status. (pls see image attached). Green symbol indicated that it is completed. Can someone provide a method on how to extract the status with green dot completed rows alone. There is an option to...
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    Macros - Can you use them across multiple workbooks?

    Hello, I have used macros in Excel before, but in the past they were always used on nice worksheets that had the macros ingrained. I have a different situation now though, and can't seem to wrap my head around it. For setup, I have 2 documents I have created: 1. Data.xlsx (which I am manually...
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    Is it possible to convert a collection into a .txt file separated by tabs?

    I´m trying to convert a collection into a text file. I´ve tried converting the collection into a CSV to get the text and appending that CSV into a text file but when I open it, there´s nothing on it.
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    Use append to text file VBO using a maximum row limit

    Hi- I have created a collection which contains one column and multiple rows. I want to save this collection by using append to text file VBO. However, I want to use the logic that if the rows are more than 50, I want to store the remaining of the entries in a separate text file. What is the most...
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    Appian VBO with File Download

    Hello Teams, I'm integrating Appian with Blue Prism, both in cloud. Appian starts a process, creates and then passes variables to BP. Among these variables there are documents, uploaded via an Appian Interface to its folders, in cloud. I need to pass this documents to BP. I'm planning to use the...
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    Can Blue Prism Automate Smartview? Or Spy Excel Toolbar?

    I'm very new to this RPA world. I've been tasked to do a few things in excel using blue prism... Can I Connect to smartview using blueprism? Can I spy an already open Excel instance? Maybe identify the toolbar elements and automate smartview that way? The Smartview login is an IE based...
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    Blue Prism-Running background and foreground process

    I have 2 process p1 and p2. p1 contains one background object whereas p2 contains one foreground object. Now technically i should be able to run both p1 and p2 on single resource at the same time but I am getting resource busy error,Please help
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    Start blue prism process by email request

    I am new to RPA and Blue Prism. I am still in training. I was asked to develop a solution where a customer can send an email requesting their process to be run. The bot would need to read the subject line, for example, {run {Tax-may2019-001} and the bot would then start that process. We would...
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    Can't Read Text accurately From a Web page

    Hey Everyone, I am facing trouble reading the text from a webpage. I am using Region mode and "read text using OCR". It reads some part of the text correctly and adds some kind of gibberish to the remaining text. I think it is happening because of the design which surrounds the text. Text is...