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    Regtex to check if space between an opening and closing bracket in a data item

    Hi All, Looking to see what is the Regex to check if there is space between an opening and closing bracket in a data item. ( john) True (john) False
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    BluePrism v6.2.1 Spying issue- Highlight shows exact place in second tab

    Hello, I am working on a project which is on salesforce. Recently SalesForce stopped support for IE11. I am using BluePrism 6.2.1 version. I already developed BOT which is not working as expected and therefore I need to switch to other browser. If I highlight already spied element then it is...
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    How to spy the icon from the Frame Bar in windows Application

    Hi Folks, Hope you are all doing good. I have some urgent requirement where I want to spy the icon(s) from the Frame bar in Windows application as I highlighted in the attached file. I hope, there will be a possible way to spy this & please help me know how to do this.
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    Where to find the location of the blue prism log data

    I plan to archive the log data via task scheduler, as the in-built archiving feature is unstable. for which, I would like to find the location of the stored log data, so I can use it in the task scheduler and archive the data monthly.
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    Set 2 letter words to uppercase in a data item?

    Hi All, I need to set a data item text to uppercase if the data item length is = 2 This data item could also be enclosed in brackets Eg. data1 = (jp) OR jp Expected result = JP
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    Check for brackets in a data item and update first letter to uppercase?

    Hi All, I need to check if Brackets are present in a data item. If yes I then I need to remove any blank space inside the brackets. I then need to the set the first letter of the word in the data item to upper case and keep the brackets in place. Test Data Item = (john ) Expected result = (John)
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    How to remove the last character of a string

    Hi All, What is the code to remove the last character from a data item?
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    Extract Unread email data from Outlook

    Hello All, I have tried extracting the email data from Outlook using the VBO in BluePrism. But, the extract data was in HTML format. So, is there any alternate so that the data can be extracted in normal format, because there are few other calculations involved after extracting the mail...
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    Check for BOLD rows in Excel using BluePrism

    Hello, Any suggestions on checking if any row in Excel sheet is BOLD ? Consider an excel sheet with multiple rows, and I need to go through the sheet and find out the rows which are in BOLD format and extract the data. The row value is dynamic. Thanks.
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    Filter collection containing apostrophe in its values

    Hello Community, i'm facing an issue filtering a huge (about 4k rows) collection of strings: sometimes the field value is a string with apostrophe (example: "del'aqu"), and i need to filter the collection (like strategy) according that value, which is previously stored in a string data item; i...
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    How to check if a data item contains any ",",".","-"

    Hi I need to check if a Data Item contains either "," or "." or "-" Scenario: Data Item 1 = John,Mary Data Item 2 = John Data Item 3 = John- Mary My Data Items can be of different length, but I only want to check if they have any of the above characters.
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    Get formula of a cell and update it

    I am currently working with BluePrism V6.9 and i am trying to get the formula of a cell and update it The cell Result = test + Pourcentage The formula is B2 + C2 and i am trying to edit the formula
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    Enter array formula to excel column via Blue Prism

    Hello, I'm trying to pass Array formula to excel column for given range but unfortunately cell values in the formula are not getting updated. Whatever the formula I'm writing same is appearing in all the cell values. Can anyone please help me to know how to extend the Array formulas to entire...
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    Filter-Collection Blue Prism

    Hi All, I am having issues around [Utility - Collection Manipulation - Filter Collection] I have a Get Files action which gets all the files from a particular folder and outputs them into a collection in Blue Prism (there are 14 .txt files) I then use the Filter Collection Object to filter...
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    Auto Filter Pivot Table

    Hello, Im trying to autofilter a Excel Pivot Table. If I run the code in a normal sheet , it works, but when I run the same code to filter a dynamic range I get an error. I need to filter the column "D" with two criterias This is the code I'm using: Dim sw, dw As Object Dim ss, ds As...
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    Work Queue Items Injection

    Hi, Is there a way to inject items to a work queue from outside of Blue Prism?
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    Automate clicking a link in an email?

    I'm currently working on an automation that generates an email from a website. The email has a hyperlink in it that needs to be clicked on in order to get to the data that was generated. The problem is that the hyperlink is not a URL but just the word 'here', so scraping the text does not work...
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    Writing Collection into Excel or setting a cell value ERROR Blue Prism

    Hi All, I am encountering an issue when trying to write a collection or set a cell value into excel. I am first creating an instance of excel, then showing it and then opening the workbook. When I try and complete any Excel VBO like I have mentioned, I am delivered the same Error message ...
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    POST form data along with JSON data to API using Blue Prism

    I have an API which accepts a file and JSON data together. It works fine with Postman but not know how to do in Blue Prism.
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    Is there a way to write 2 data items into the one input box in Blue Prism

    I need to write 2 email address into one input field in blue prism. Using the write stage I can write one email address in, however after I write the second one in, it overwrites the first one. Is there a way to space them out. Any help would be greatly appreciated.