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    Outlook VBO cannot Receive Email but can send email

    I am using Blue Prism with the Outlook VBO to receive emails. I have been successful in receiving and reading emails until about a week ago, now it keeps giving me an error every time I try to receive emails. "Internal : Could not execute code stage because exception thrown by code stage: The...
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    Extract process dependencies (Blue Prism)

    Hi, I am working on Blue Prism Code Review and it would be helpful to have a list of Process pages/Objects/Objects pages names extracted from Blue Prism Dependencies. Have you ever heard of functionality automatically extracting such data from Blue Prism?
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    How to count number of elements in a web page

    Hi, I want to count number of elements in a web page. (ex. how many '<li>' in a web page?) If I do with JQuery: $(function() { var size = $('li').length; alert(size); }); or VBA: document.getElementsByTagName("li").length I want to do same as this with Blue Prism. Please tell me...
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    Pros and Cons for a Parent Application Modeller

    Hi, When working with a bigger application (a ERP system such as SAP or something similar). What is the best practice when setting up the Application Modeller? Some like to have a Basic Action object that contains the Application Modellerer. The rest of the objects then inherit that (Using...
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    Not able to identify any element through Application Modeller for Apache open office writer

    I want to perform some manipulation in document of Apache open office writer, but I am not able to identify any element through Application Modeller. Can Anyone please help.
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    How to Extract particular string from a Email body?

    Hi Folks, I have an requirement of extracting the particular text value from the email body. My Email body will looks like mentioned below: "Added Values: App Group Membership: Vendor_Extuser_Group^PROMO_DEALS_ALL^AWF_ALL^JBP_ALL^HBC_ALL^NOA_ALL^QIM_ALL^FSP_ALL Primary Number: 2600112...
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    Blue prism AD01 Certification

    How to Prepare for AD01 certification exam? How can i clear the exam with good score?
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    Trying to compare two data collections and selecting the matched one

    Is this possible to do without excel? I am attempting to compare one data collection (which is extracted from one spot) to see if it may match another data collection (using get all items) from another spot. If they match, i would like to select that item from the drop down list.
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    Compare multiple rows in a Collection

    Hi, I'd like to get ideas and tips for how to compare multiple rows in a Collection to group them together. The purpose is that the larger item (bytes) from the same date will be used for one purpose and the other for another. Se example: Items - Bytes - Date FieldX 1 50...
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    Multi-Team Environments capabilities in BluePrism

    Hi, Blue Prism allows teams to work independently while sharing the appropriate resources within a single environment. Ex: Team A can not view Processes, Objects, Resources from Team B... My questions is: Can the list of resources below be segregated the same way as Processes, Objects did in...
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    Any way to get the resource PC that is shown in the Work Queue

    Hello everyone, I have a process that is running on several machines and I want to generate a report that has the names of the resource PC that took the item from the work queue. but I don't find any action that gives me that data. thanks in advance if anyone have any information
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    Append Excel data into a new Excel file

    I have a requirement where we get 5 excel files into a shared drive. Each excel has like 14000 records in it, All we have to do is get all the data from all 5 files and append/paste the data into new excel file (Template). I was able to do this task using MS Excel VBO with less records like 4000...
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    How to get received emails from a shared Outlook inbox?

    I've seen a couple of posts like this previously, but they were unhelpful to me because if I make the changes they suggest, it causes more errors to appear. I'm attempting to grab unread emails from a shared inbox in Outlook. The shared inbox name is "Maintenance". Any help or tips would be...
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    I am new BP and having issue when interacting with pop ups

    Hi, I am new to BP and I am having issue with the pop ups. I am getting 2 different types of pop ups for the same application. For the first Pop Up I have used attach and detach and it worked perfectly, but when I am running in a continuous loop I am getting a different pop up and the process...
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    How to spy on Calendar in BP

    Hi All, I was wondering if someone could give me a little hints as to where I could go o spy on a calendar hosted on a web site. I currently can not type in the date in a text field so the only option is to use the gui and have the bot select the date. Any suggestion or help would be greatly...
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    How to do a general mouse click in blue prism?

    Hi, I want to have blue prism do a general mouse click on the desktop using coordinates; however, I don't want to have to attach any applications. This seems like something that should be easy to do since I know AutoHotKey can do it with little programming. When I use Navigate though, it always...
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    Problems spying the application "Banktrade" with Blueprism

    Hello everyone, For a process which I have to enter an application called Banktrade I managed to see that it starts with a "Script" that runs jview.exe and connects to an http: // then opens an application that says and finally opens the Banktrade Its name is Display - A., but when...
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    Extract values for a text file using blue prism

    Hi- I have a text file (see attached). I am using utility file management-read all text from file to store all the data from the text item in a data element. There are multiple lines with messages as below: Material Message D232ZLL SUCCESS M01: BOM flagged for resend, will be sent within one...
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    External Table is not in the expected format ...Error while using OLEDB in Blue prism

    Hi Experts, I am using OLEDB in my process and running the process in 3 different bots. and getting the below error in two bots for reading same file. External Table is not in the expected format strange thing is, one bot is throwing the error while reading the sheet1 and another have read...
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    File upload to SFTP from Blue Prism

    I would like to upload file to SFTP server path from Blue Prism code stage by using SSH.Net (Renci.SshNet.dll \SshNet.Security.Cryptography.dll). But I am getting the following error message once I run the code : Internal : Could not execute code stage because exception thrown by code stage...