Best RPA tool for "Reading Excel - Posting to a site"

Hey Lads - Trust all are in high spirits and had fantastic holidays!

Would love to know the best RPA tool for reading the data from excel and loading into a site based on the data representations such as character, drop-down, radio button and so on.

Looking forward!

Hi, I have worked on Blue Prism and Automation anywhere and the best one that I think for your purpose is Blue Prism. Although Automation anywhere is lot more easy and costly but it still lacks some functions that you can easily do with Blue Prism. With Blue Prism, you can split excel files, merge excel files, copy excel data into collection and manage that data and you can do much more with Blue Prism functions.


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I think all major RPA tool's are good with Excel (UIPath, Automation Anywhere, BluePrism, NICE) . For me personally I prefer Automation Anywhere due to its ease of use