Blueprism vs UIPath on Java


I was strugling by so far, working with Blueprism and our ERP (java based application). Visual recognition is very bad for me and very oftnen I found a workaround using key shortcuts to achive operations. I know Blueprism wants JAB enabled to work with Java based applications. Last days I wanted to try the same with UIPath and it's another world :) ... downloaded trial version, enabled Java extensions and run it in web scrap mode .. it does not fail any hit ... stop recording and make some adjustment it works like a charme. UIPath just want install his own Java extension (no JAB) and is able to recognize always the java elements, you can see in <wnd cls='SunAwtframe'> or Swift

Now I'm curious and I would like to understand the different in Java elements recognition between those two products. Does anybody know if BP can work as UIPath in Java visual recognition ?



Staff member
Thats strange, when I tested BP on Java based products it was fine. Personally I havent had any issues with both