Convert rows to columns


I'm new to the forum, I hope I got this right!

Anyway, I have a collection which currently holds one column: Split value (Getting new data with each loop)
In this column there is 8 values to begin with. Now I wish to convert this so that there is instead 8 columns.
I already know the headers for A,B,C...etc., and want to put in the values in order. I.E. Value 1 in columns A and so on..

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Is that possible? I thought that Transpose Collection would help, but it doesn't seem to be what I search for?
The values from the "Split value" collection will then be looped through and every time I want to do the same thing, i.e. convert to columns then add a new row to insert data.
In the end I want a collection that looks like this:

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I have similar requirement but slightly different.
I have Book collection(Two columns: Name and Value) as below:
Name Value
title TravelInfo
author NameofAuthor
price $67.00

How I can make new collection having new field names (First column: Name data should be my new field name as below)?

title author price
----------- --------- ------
TravelInfo NameofAuthor $67.00

I need three columns instead of two columns.

How we can achieved this in blue prism?