Launch .Bat file from Blue Prism

Hi all,

I need to open and execute an existing .Bat file from my process. Basically, the .Bat file create folders that contains 50 files in each from a folder where I have thousands of file. A manipulation I need to do quite often so this .Bat file is crucial !

In Blue Prism, I went i started an action using the VBO Utility - Environment and then the action Start process. I entered the file path in "Application". It launches the cmd but only asks me to "press any key to continue" but it doesn't execute what my .Bat file is supposed to do. Did I do something wrong?

Thank you very much for your help.
Hi Tolani,

Thank you for your answer. It still doesn't work for me, I did:

Application: "cmd.exe"
Arguments : "C:/myfile.bat"

It opens the cmd and it is written: "C:\Program Files\Blue Prism Limited\Blue Prism Automate" but didn't execute my .bat file, did I do something wrong?

Please find attached. I tried also to put the "\" the other way around "/" but didn't change anything. View attachment 119
it is actually / not \. One quick reminder is to ensure you've access to the location the bat file is as this seems to be outside your own user account folder. Secondly, you need to do a cd ../.. as part of your .bat file code into a directory you are likely to have access to. I have attached a sample of my code.

I hope this helps.


Hi Tolani,
Thank you for this. I just obtained errors on errors, since I don't know this very well (the bat files) I think I do something wrong. Here is the content of my .bat file:

EDIT 5th feb : Hi Tolani, I just entered the filepath in the "Application" and modified slightly my .BAT file, giving the target folder. It works now :)
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Hello Tolani,
Just curious, is the CLI output "Hello World" string available in the Start Process Output tab so that it can be placed into a data item or such?
Hi All,

I tried the same as you mentioned in the above. Still I facing the below error,

Utility Environment VBO - Start Process Action

Application: "cmd.exe"
Arguments : "/c c:/Program FIles (x86)\Foldername\AppName.bat"
Error : Internal : Collection name must have [ and ] around it

Kali Raj P


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Hi KaliRaj1982,

The bat file will not open literally but will execute the commands written in the .bat file.
For eg; in the above RenameBatch.bat I have posted, it renames a file in a folder. A dos prompt window will open for a second and go away because the /c switch is used in the arguments.
So to conclude it will depend on what is written in the .bat file.


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In my case using .bat file opens the application..Please guide me
Right click on the .bat file and Edit it in Notepad and check what is mentioned.
Try changing the path of the .bat file to something simple like C:\test\Filename.bat and run via Blue Prism from that path.
If the issue exists also try removing the /C switch and then run. Maybe there is an error and you are not able to see because the command prompt screens disappears.
Hi @KaliRaj1982

If the purpose of your .bat is to open an application, I see no reason why you can't call the Start Process directly with the name of your application & the command line arguments. Please let me know if there are other actions that need to be performed by your batch script aside from launching the application.
Actually, in my client network they are using to open the application using .Bat file only. I am not sure why they are using like that. No direct option for launch application. While checking with .Bat file its triggering .R2W application. I was trying with Mainframe application Option.