Ooooooo.........Am I alone?!


Just wondered if there was anyone who uses Thoughtonomy?

We have just started using it, and ERIC, our first virtual worker, is up and running!

He's currently only doing 1 automation, but baby steps!

Happy Halloween!!!




Staff member
Hi Di! (that rhymes!)

I've had plenty of previous experience of working with Thoughtonomy - great to hear that you're up and running! How are you finding it so far?

Even better that you've given ERIC a name! (Is it an acronym?) Although, I hope you're giving him the evening off to go trick or treating! :D

Let me know if I can be of any help moving forward!

Happy Halloween!
Rob o_O
Hi Rob,

ERIC stands for Electronic Rentokil Initial Colleague. He was grounded last night for terminating a job! lol!

We have a total of 4 VW's, not sure what the others are going to be called. I wanted droids, C3P0, R2-D2, BB-8, Twiki, KITT, or Wall-e. Alas, they went with something normal!