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    Increase in processing time - Web Automation

    Hi All - We're currently working on web automation project where the web page is Chrome based and all the elements have been spied in Browser Mode. While running the automation from the control room, we've observed that the processing time for the first item in the queue is normal, but when the...
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    Click / Global send keys in Chrome not working from control room / step over run.

    Hi All I am trying to automate a web application using chrome browser mode . Inside that there is a date field where I want to paste a value . This field is little tricky as it have a default value(current date) in it and when I try to paste the value using write stage , the value is getting...
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    BP v6.4 Browser Spy Mode - Chrome

    Hi All, When I use the Browser spy mode in Google Chrome, I am able to identify the search bar in the website ( When I try and highlight it the following error pops out "Error - Highlighting results - No matching Web elements found". With the UI spy mode it works, but it...