Click / Global send keys in Chrome not working from control room / step over run.

prem babu

New Member
Hi All

I am trying to automate a web application using chrome browser mode . Inside that there is a date field where I want to paste a value . This field is little tricky as it have a default value(current date) in it and when I try to paste the value using write stage , the value is getting pasted but when bot clicks submit button the value is being reset to old default value of application.

I tried giving click to field after entering data to make it alive and it works when tried from object . But not working in step over mode in process .

As a last resort I tried send keys also for that
I have activated the application main window
Put a focus into text field
Gave wait time of 2 seconds after each step
Then passed the value via global send keys

This also works when tried from object but in step over mode from process it is not working (the value is not pasting )

Please help guys .