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    Get variable data from a XLSM file

    Hi, has anyone tried to get the variable value embedded in a text box control from an XLSM file? I tried several times with the default Get Cell Value action, but it doesnt detect the existence of the variable, anyone has any ideas about how to manage this type of data extraction? Thanks to...
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    Solved Comparing two Collections and providing unique value output - Narrowing down based on 1 field

    Hi all, I know this was somewhat answered via But I would like to see if there is a way to further narrow down a comparison using code stage for Blue Prism. The given code is the following...
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    Copy column to another collection - Code Stage

    Hi All. I have a collection with 40 columns I need to copy one specific column with all the data in that column to another new empty collection, which will only contain the data from this column. From there on, the values will be checked for different rules, e.g. correct format, length etc...
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    Solved Comparing two Collections and and saving unique values.

    Hi, I'm new to both coding and Blue Prism and i'm looking for some support. I have a a project were I need to compare data from two collections ("Collection_1" and "Collection_2") and pick out any unique rows from "Collection_1" and save in "Collection_3". Both collections only consists of...
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    Find and Replace Excel Code Stage

    I am trying to implement a "Find and Replace" code stage within my Blue Prism Excel Object. The code stage is producing an error with: "Internal : Could not execute code stage: Parameter count mismatch." Any help would be much appreciated The Inputs are as follows: Handle Workbook Worksheet...
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    Somebody please help me that how can i remove "(Double quote) from collection in blueprism?

    Somebody please help me that how can i remove "(Double quote) from collection in blueprism? We got this issue in production, only because of this issue 3 processes in production got stopped! It's an emergency to fix it, I've been trying from so many days to fix this issue. Actually i've been...
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    Sum column in collection - C# code stage *SOLVED*

    *Solved*......... Hi I'm looking to summarize all values in a specified column in a collection through a code stage (not looping). In this collection called "Collection", I want a sum of all values in column "Numbers". I don't read or write C# very well, so can someone provide a code that...
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    Dynamically change part of code in Code stage

    Hi, I have a Code stage that creates Pivot Table in Excel. The first part of the code is general and the second part is there to describe how the Pivot Table should look like. I would like to be able to dynamically change the second part whenever I want to change the Pivot Table layout. How to...
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    Code Stage -"class is not compiled"

    Hello, I'm trying to write a very easy code just to get used to Code Stage, but the message "Internal : Could not create an instance of the code class because the class is not compiled" keeps popping up and I cannot go further. Do I have to do something in Initialize page? ========== Dim...
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    Using urlmon.dll in CodeStage (C#) for checking MIME type of document

    I have to check whether a document is actually a pdf or not and someone hasn't renamed a .png to .pdf. So for this in Blue Prism I am writing a custom code using C# in an object. Actually I have to check the file binary MIME type and for this I am importing urlmon.dll in Code Options as a...
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    how can I call an action (element) from the code block (element)

    For example it seems possible to access elements of a collection in a code block Dim i As Integer For i = 0 To col1.Rows.Count - 1 outText += col1.Rows.Item(i).Item("Order number") Next i But what if i want to do something ore complex like call an action within th Dim i As Integer For i...
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    Important and challenging - blue prism

    We have a dragging bar to change the speed modes while in debugging but can we change the speed in run time with any code ? please help thanks
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    ActiveWindow option in code stage

    I want to create a page in the ms excel vbo to create freeze panes i have recorded a macro and the code for it is With ActiveWindow .SplitColumn = 0 .SplitRow = 1 End With ActiveWindow.FreezePanes = True The major issue is use of ActiveWindow as it can't be use like ActiveWorkbook or...
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    Enhancement to Code under "Utility- File Management" VBO to Get Pages and Word count

    Hello All, I am trying to get the Pages and Word count from the given folder "Get Files" action in "Utility- File Management" VBO. In Patterns CSV I'm simply using "*."* to get all files but in collection out I'm not getting "Page" and "Word count"column. I checked the Code stage for Get...
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    Solved CODE Stage to Get page count in MS Word Document

    Hello, I'm working on a project and as a part of project requirement, I need to get the page count from of each MS world file from the total files. I'm looking for the VBO Code based solution as volume is large for the files. I've below VB code to get the page number for active document but not...
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    Can't select item in SAP using Code stage

    Hi, I am using SAP for a use case where I need to highlight a row and press a button. However, when I tried to use the SAP mode to spy this row that I need to highlight, it's unable to select that row as a unique element. Please refer to the image. I used the code stage (used SAPs built in...
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    how to Make ( get and post ..... ) Request in blue prism ??

    Hi everyone, my problem is that i wanna make request from blue prism to get data from a ticketing system, i tried to do that with a code but unfortunately it doesn't work, also i try to do this with Webservices - REST BP object stage but it doesn't work, it show me an error of...
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    Can anyone post a guide on how to add pivot functionality to default Excel VBO?

    I need to be able to create a pivot table from a selected range, manipulate the style, filters, data, etc. It would a great help if someone could clarify this for me. Thanks!
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    How to kill already open Internel explorer and start and launched a new IE ( Using Code and Decison stage)

    Hi , Can anyone help me with the below query: ( Using Code and Decison stage) How to kill already open Internel explorer and start and launched a new IE
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    Close and Save PowerPoint

    Hello, I have created my own PowerPoint Object and am having difficulty on a save and close action. My guess is I have the wrong syntax for save. Blue Prism will successfully close the PowerPoint, but will not save. I have copy/pasted VBA code to try and save and have been unsuccessful. If...